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After spending a day driving around the area, its clear to me that I need to spend several weekends there camping. The area is just filled with beautiful landscapes and stuff, and all the highlights of the area are very accessible.

This is Blue Springs. its one of Missouri’s largest natural springs. Its about a 20 minute drive to the trailhead from Eminence. The water gets that sky blue color from its depth and the mineral deposits in the rocks that make up this area. The trail is only .4 miles, so this is a nice place to visit with kids. It is a fairly popular spot.

Just a few minutes up the road is Rocky Falls. Its a spring-fed waterfall, so it flows year-round. There were a ton of people swimming in the hole that the falls go into, and kids climbing all over the falls, so getting a few good shots here was challenging.

All photographs taken with a 5D MKII

Eminence, MO

Taken with Canon 24mm TS-E lens, two shots stitched together.

Blue Springs Runoff

Taken with Canon 17-40 F/4L lens

Rocky Falls

Taken with an Olympus 35mm Shift lens, 3 shots stitched together.


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