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It has been several months since I shot Joel and Kyra’s wedding in St. John, and I am already missing that magical island. Reviewing and posting these pictures will either help resist the urge to hop a plane and go back there today, or be the catalyst of an impulse purchase of a plane ticket.

Sand and waves, here I come!

Rainbow over St. John © alsphoto.com

A storm cloud produces a rainbow over the mountains of St. John.

Storm Approaches © alsphoto.com

A sudden rain shower approaches the island. Taken from Ram's Head Point

Some clever hikers stacked some rocks on Blue Cobblestone Beach

Sunset over St. Thomas © alsphoto.com

A striking sunset over St. Thomas, as seen from a mountain top on St. John

Upper Petroglyph Falls © alsphoto.com

The waterfall at the end of the Petroglyph Trail

Mimosas © alsphoto.com

Some wild mimosas in full bloom

Morning at Cinnamon Bay © alsphoto.com

Waves crash into the rocks on the beach at Cinnamon Bay.

Moonlight Over Great Cruz Bay © alsphoto.com

A full moon lights up a black ocean over Great Cruz Bay.


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