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There was no rain or cloud cover in sight, and I was desperate for some nature photography. We spent the night at the Greer Spring campground, and woke up early the next morning (about 5am) to beat the sunrise and shoot Greer. Greer Spring is one of the most forceful springs in the Missouri Ozarks, with an impressive boil coming from it.

The trail head is located 18 miles south of Winona and 7 miles north of Alton on Missouri Highway 19 about 1.5 miles south of the Highway 19 bridge that crosses the Eleven Point River and just north of the tiny town of Greer. A gravel parking area on the west side of Highway 19 provides parking for the trail. Visitors to the spring are common despite a mile long hike with several switchbacks down into the valley. The walk down is pleasant, but the walk back up to the parking area is a bit more strenuous.

Greer Spring

The force of 354 cubic feet per second of water makes for a forceful current, and the largest natural spring in Missouri. Taken with Canon 5D MKii and Canon 24mm TS-E lens

Greer Spring

Taken with Canon 5D MKii and Nikkon 55mm AI Micro lens

Greer Spring

Taken with Canon 5D MKii and Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 lens

Greer Spring

Water rushes around this moss covered rock at Greer Spring. Taken with Canon 5D MKii and Nikkon 55mm Micro AI lens


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