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Stinging Fork Falls

Taken with a Canon 5D mkii and 24mm TS-E lens. Two images stitched together.

Stinging Fork Falls. Spring City, Tennessee. The hike was very pretty, but challenging. Since there was a surprise thunder shower during the hike, It took two people to traverse the lower section of the trail to get the photography backpack safely down the descent to the falls. The waterfall is about 30 feet tall. When I mentioned this fall to locals who seemed well-versed, they looked at me like i grew a second head, as none of them had heard of this location. This made the experience a little bit more special to me.


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Upper Piney Falls

Photo taken with Canon 5d mkii and Nikon Nikkor 18mm AI-s

Piney Falls is part of the Piney Falls State Natural Area. The hike is a pretty one, with a combination of oak and pine. It’s a fairly short hike, but requires some sure-footedness on a couple of steep descents. The lower falls is accessible from above, but getting to the base of the falls would require some repelling gear, which we did not have.

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It has been several months since I shot Joel and Kyra’s wedding in St. John, and I am already missing that magical island. Reviewing and posting these pictures will either help resist the urge to hop a plane and go back there today, or be the catalyst of an impulse purchase of a plane ticket.

Sand and waves, here I come!

Rainbow over St. John © alsphoto.com

A storm cloud produces a rainbow over the mountains of St. John.

Storm Approaches © alsphoto.com

A sudden rain shower approaches the island. Taken from Ram's Head Point

Some clever hikers stacked some rocks on Blue Cobblestone Beach

Sunset over St. Thomas © alsphoto.com

A striking sunset over St. Thomas, as seen from a mountain top on St. John

Upper Petroglyph Falls © alsphoto.com

The waterfall at the end of the Petroglyph Trail

Mimosas © alsphoto.com

Some wild mimosas in full bloom

Morning at Cinnamon Bay © alsphoto.com

Waves crash into the rocks on the beach at Cinnamon Bay.

Moonlight Over Great Cruz Bay © alsphoto.com

A full moon lights up a black ocean over Great Cruz Bay.

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